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Together  we can Create Pathways

for Better Health & Well Being ... 

How can I work with you?   As a Certified Health and Wellness Support Coach &  Healthcare/Patient Advocate 

 I can help my clients/patients by :

EMPOWERING  you to tap into your own wisdom and strengths for enhancing self-awareness and reflection for change

GUIDING you to create solutions for your health issues & wellness goals

SUPPORTING you with dignity, empathy, deep listening, compassion and be a 'healing presence' for you

HOLDING you accountable to your personal goals in guiding you to become an advocate for yourself for you to be able to navigate through your chronic illness

If you seek to make lifestyle and behavior changes and are interested in utilizing integrative tools and techniques, especially if you struggle with one or more chronic conditions,  

I can help... 


I also understand, from a personal and professional level, how clients need to be able to demystify our complex healthcare system.  I advocate on your behalf by empowering you with education, information, research, support, and offering you a number of specialty services. 

If you want to learn more, please contact me @   646-942-6717

Michele J. Weston - Independent Patient Advocate | Certified Wellness Support Coach | Health Navigator

Special Offer 

Book a free 30-minute session until  December 31, 2022


Patient Advocacy

What can I do for you? 


Patient Advocates help people/patients, along with their caregivers, to demystify the complex healthcare system. I can assist with any challenging situations by coordinating treatment care for improving chronic healthcare illnesses such as obesity, chronic conditions and a number of neurological autoimmune diagnoses.


I'm here to help you develop ways to manage your current medications and supplements by reviewing a person's doctors protocols on a regular basis. I can make sure that your daily routine is in line with the needed healthcare regimen that a medical practitioner has requested for you to follow to attain better health and wellness.


I can also work with medical providers to find solutions that work for each patient, and when needed,  go with a client to a medical appointment and take notes, remind a patient/client to bring up important questions & make sure critical details aren’t overlooked.


What about helping me with finding answers, or researching for me to be able to explore and consider ways to help me understand the healthcare maze and it's challenges?


I can also help family members and caregivers organize healthcare proxy's, living wills, handle any research and guide patients with insurance challenges as well as learning how to best support a loved one in crisis. 


How does one handle stress when they are diagnosed with a chronic condition?


I believe that using mindfulness-based stress techniques (MBSR) for the patient, family members or care-giver is a wonderful tool that a healthcare advocate can offer. 

Whether I point you to an MBSR group in your area, or we work together one-on-one on how one can release and alleviate stress in one's mind and body, has been medically proven to help in bringing down inflammation and help with many neurological symptoms.


What about finding rehabilitation centers that would be best for each patient?


Here's an opportunity for us to work together and find out where your health insurance plan covers and find the right fit for your rehab period - be that after surgery, or for more long-term care issues.


Let's work together and back on the healing path!


Wellness Support Coaching

What is Health & Wellness Coaching?

Health and Wellness Support Coaching is a research-based process that let's a client feel empowered to choose how to begin making desirable. health generating changes. 


For me, coaching isn't about counseling or therapy. 

My coaching philosophy comes from the "wabi-sabi" symbol, which stands for "perfection in imperfection". We all strive for perfection,  but there's a beauty in imperfection and finding your best health & wellness lies in making changes to find balance.


Using coaching process, a client can identify what matters most to them for to attain better health and wellness. The client can unearth any barriers that may be in their way so you can achieve your wellness goals and make positive, lasting behavior changes by using integrative mindfulness techniques and accessing the stages of change to achieve their best self.


I understand that clients make their own decisions, so my coaching a client who works with me is to be able to effectively see and to challenge a clients past assumptions or thoughts that could be blocking a client, from moving forward when seeking to make changes.


Some of the areas coaches commonly assist clients  include: setting healthcare goals, exploring obstacles to be able to comply to your health and wellness goals, receiving support for clients to attain your wellness goals.


What ways can we accomplish this? - as a team!

Firstly, by me asking you more powerful, thought provoking questions that let you explore your own path. We work together, with you in the drivers seat, as "coach" and '"coachee" to shift thoughts and behaviors that are holding you back to trying new ways to live your life healthier.


I believe that we are all masters of our own universe, and it's my honor to help you create your future path - be that personal or professional, with best health and wellness. I've been trained to activate change using behavioral strategies. 


Although I'm not here to offer specific nutrition or physical fitness advise, I'm more than able to access resources for clients, and help people identify areas they want to work on and I contribute accountability for a client's actions and can help shift stagnation for clients to create and reach their wellness goal plans.

What my clients are saying

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"I've been working with Michele a little over a year and she's added so many ideas, resources, and tools to help me with my journey. Our coaching sessions always leave me confident to take on any endeavor. I've accomplished so many goals and objectives and I know it's from our coaching sessions." 

KW, Baltimore, MD


"When I first started my journey I had so many questions and not many people I could turn to. Michele was always right there with answers and help to steer me in the right direction. Having someone to support you and keep you accountable is the most helpful way one can have for success. Overall I would suggest wellness coaching support to anyone who is looking to take their life back into their own hands and move forward to be  their best selves!"


New York City, NY


"Michele was a godsend when I decided to have a revision with my bariatric surgery procedure that helped me lose over a 150 pounds, but unfortunately, needed to be changed from one bariatric tool to another. It was a nightmare working with my health insurance company to get clearance and not have to gain back loads of weight - per my health insurance plan. Michele knew how to navigate through the problems and created smooth sailing for me to reach approval. I continue to work with her as  my wellness support coach, to learn way I can be in the driver's seat and maintain my weight-loss after my revision. We walked through my mindless eating habits and now I'm more mindful of my choices and think before I eat! We created a plan of action with tools that I can use in other areas of my life as well.  Michele was always there to guide me and she has a firm but approachable style. I'd work with her again for any issues that come up again."


Brooklyn, NY


"Even with my company having a great health insurance program, I came up against an issue with getting tests, more clarification from my medical team members and when I considered getting a second opinions for my chronic diagnosis. Michele was able to step in and boy, did she deliver - by guiding me through our crazy healthcare system. She's definitely a person who advocates for her patients, so much so, I feel more confident when I see my doctors and more prepared to ask for what I need. I would reach out again to her, if anything challenging came up, for her advocacy skills.


Staten Island, NY


"Having struggled with a chronic neurological condition for a few decades that falls under "invisible illnesses", Michele was right there helping me to create my voice, to express my own medical narrative with my family, friends and even with strangers. It's discouraging when people don't understand that just because you can't see someone's medical condition, medical symptoms  stillexist. Working with me on how I choose to share my chronic condition, when to ask for help, and who would be best able to understand me with better words has made living with a chronic invisible illness an easier lifestyle shift. She has worked alongside me as a wellness support coach in other areas - for example: handling stress, bouts of fatigue, using mediation on my daily walks to center  myself, setting goals, and being more mindful on a daily basis." 


Philadelphia, PA



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 l love hearing from you, let me know what's on your mind or let me know when you would like to explore working together 


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